Tuesday, March 10, 2009


On Feburary 24th lamb of god relesed their 5th studio album with more hype than any recent heavy album in recent memory. Let this be kniwn, lamb of god definitly steped up to the plate with there new album--titled Wrath, after the wrath of god described in the bible in the form of the 7 plaques-- and have definitly impressed.

The band has taken a step forward with there sound; adding acoustic guitars, instrumentals, and more melody vocals.

Some fans of the old stuff may not like the new album, considering some of the new musical ideas that the band has explored, but this album is an artistic masterpiece.

Kudos to the band for keeping the standards high in the metal scene. It is easy for a band to get lazy after hitting the icon status that they have. Hopefully they continue to know it out of the park live for the next two years.


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