Monday, February 01, 2010


Is their any worse day then Monday? Seriously. I want to know.

So, from what I can tell, it is a rather slow news day. That being the case, I am prepared to regale you with the story of my weekend.

My step-dad came into town for a Military show. We went to dinner 2 nights. I took him to the San-Tan Brewery. If you have never been, and like beer, this a place to try. It is in Chandler, Ariz.

But to the point. I enjoy when my step-dad comes to visit. It is always nice to see family. Especially family that doesn't try and judge you. Sometimes its harder for me to handle my mothers trips up to the Valley to see me. She has a harder time letting me live my life, but that, I guess, is part of being a parent.

But, back to Friday. My brother procured me a PS3 for my birthday/Christmas present. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. Add the Vizio LED TV that I bought to compliment it and I'm one happy tech nerd.

Sunday marked the first weekend that I did not watch some football in close to 6 months. It is a sad realization for me. I absolutely love the football season. I love it so much that I feel kind of lost the first month or so the season ends. Luckily, this off-season, I have the NFL network to get me buy till the Draft.

There it is. My weekend, kinda.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Bowl Preview

So, let us start this by saying congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts for making it to the super bowl.

Now, lets get to business.

I think that the NFL must be happy with the way that the playoffs ended up shaking out. For the first time since 1993, both one seeds have made it to the super bowl to duke it out for the Lombardi trophy.

Another first is also a stepping-stone for the New Orleans Saints. This would be the first time in their 4 decade long existence that they have actually made it to the Super Bowl. One cant help but feel a little happy for the Saints because of that hurricane that almost turned New Orleans into a 3rd world nation.

ESPN blogger Pat Yasinskas did a good job of covering the Saints victory for ESPN. The Super owl means just a little more to the people of New Orleans this year. The Saints were dubbed a team of destiny this year and they have a chance of actually living up to that, unlike the Patriots in 2007.

On the other side you have Peyton Manning and the Colts building there franchises case for team of the decade. Not to mention, Peyton manning building a case as the best quarterback of all time.

ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky points out in a blog how Manning can be so overwhelming to a defense that it can break their spirit.

This Super Bowl has potential to be one of the best in a decade that has had some good Super Bowls. I can only hope that the game lives up to my standards.

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State Of The Union

Tonight we can expect president Barrack Obama to step up to the podium, with the nation watching, and deliver the annual state of the union address.

This may just be me, but this seems like one of the more important state of the union speeches in recent memory. So much was expected of President Obama, fairly or not, and I feel that he has a lot riding on this one speech. Americans are falling deeper into a dark hole and Obama needs to give them a glimmer of hope that their government is working in the right direction.

According to CNN, The president plans to take on topics ranging from health care reform to the proposed salary and bonus freezes for white house staffers.

I think that president Obama needs to stand up to the camera and tell America the truth. We are still in bad economic times, the reform of health care is taking longer than hoped, and, lastly, he needs to take a stance on the situation in the Middle East.

Lets see if any of that actually happens.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BTBAM Show Recap

For those of you that are not familiar with me, i am a huge fan of the band Between the Buried and Me. They had a show at The Clubhouse here in Tempe on the 16th of January and it was awesome! Only problem was that my glasses meet an untimely death at the show. The bouncer told me that he would look for them, but that they were most likely dust from all the feet that they probably meet. AWESOME!

Besides the murder of my glasses, the show was epic! Between the Buried and Me puts on one hell of a show. I will definitely be seeing them again when they make their way back into town. Check out this video from the show i was at to get an idea of what i got to enjoy. *WARNING* This band will not be everyone's favorite.

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Back Again...

It has been some time since I actually posted on here. I had decided that I wanted to narrow the scope of my blog and possibly start a new one and that this would happen when the new semester started. Well, today is the day. There will be some real changes to my blog(s). I am going to maintain a sports blog, a news blog and a personal blog. I feel that this one will be either my news blog or my personal blog. I like the URL a lot and I would find it hard to give up. This post will be a random grouping of things that have been on my brain since my last post.

But enough jibber jabber, on to the meat of this blog.

My life has changed dramatically since my last post. i am no longer weighed down by obligations that are not my own anymore. It is nice to be able to focus on my needs solely, as self-centered as that sounds. But, I have developed a habit of putting my needs aside to help those that WHERE in my life. It nearly cost me a semester at school and my sanity.

Relationships are not easy. i don't know that anyone who has been in a real one thinks that. However, there is a few interesting viewpoints out in the inter-webs. This blog/website is an interesting viewpoint from the male perspective. Basically, it outlines how not to suck at relationships. It is a vague idea, but is not intended to cover the whole spectrum of relationships. That would take way too much time and why would I care to read all that; coincidentally, I already own a relationship book. Ironically, o bought the book while one of my relationships was going up in flames.

In sports, the NFL playoffs have been a bust in my opinion. My team, Da Cowboys, got beat down by the ageless wonder Brett Favre. I must have upset the football gods with my incessant trash talking involving the old man. I am hoping that the playoffs pick up here in the next weekend, or i may have to find a new sport to worship...not really.

What has been lost in the sports world through all the media coverage was the loss of another professional athlete at a very young age. Gaines Adams was a player for the Chicago Bears, who by many accounts had been a bust in the NFL. I think that the public perception of athletes that are struggling in their sport and then dies is that they were somehow responsible for their own death (i.e. drug use, stupidity, et al). It has been proven otherwise, but it troubles me that our society would just jump to conclusions...but then again, we are a society driven by impulse and desire. We can’t really help ourselves I guess.

ESPN ran a great article about the man that Gaines Adams was. Read it here at this link.

Expect to hear from me on this blog close to daily again. I am slowly going to be transitioning this one. I will post links to my new blogs.

Till next time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Vs. The NFL

i was eating my lunch today and happened to catch a piece of Hardball wit Chris Matthews. today they were talking about Rush Limbaugh becoming a silent (HA!) partner with the St. Louis Rams. that would be a lot of money that he is putting into a team that, quite honestly, sucks. im attaching the segment here. give me your opinion on the matter. is it a good idea? why? why not?

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Week In The NFL

wondering how your team did this week? well find your teams game and watch the video re-cap. want more details of your teams game? click the link to the article detailing it.

Cowboys @ Cheifs


Browns @ Bills


Steelers @ Lions


Vikings @ Rams


Raiders @ Giants


Buccaners @ Eagles


Redskins @ Panthers


Bengals @ Ravens


Falcons @ 49ers


Patriots @ Broncos


Texans @ Cardinal


Jaguars @ Seahawks


Colts @ Titans


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Zombieland Review

so, last night i went to the drive-in theater to see Zombieland. here is my review:

when you go to see a movie, you want to see a mixture of two things. innovation and entertainment. Zombieland was a very entertaining movie and had small bits of innovation sprinkled within. if you have seen the trailers for the movie trailers, you know that they have been advertising "rules" that you should live by to survive zombieland. these rules, which could be followed in normal life situations, are reiterated throughout the movie with creative use of text on the screen. throw in a cameo appearance by someone familiar with creepy creatures and you have a good mixture of innovation and entertainment.

the only real issue is the lack of context in the movie pertaining to the transition from a normal society to one over run with really athletic zombies. if more of the whole story would be told this movie easily could be a 5 star movie. i give it 4 stars.

dont like my review, read these reviews on

think they are crazy? read these reviews at

wonder how some reviwers still have a job? read this!

dont feel like reading anymore? watch the video reviews i found!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Going to see Zombieland tonight. expect a full review of what i thought plus a few other reviews for a bit of variation.

until then, watch this trailer.

by the way, this is by far the best trailer for this movie.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

New Site: Babelgum

i have found a new cool website that is great for wasting time on. it is called and i must say i like it alot. im gonna link a few of the videos i liked off the site here for your viewing pleasure.

hair of the dog


just in case

i think, therefore i am


Team America F-Ya!

today has been an interesting day in America. first, president Obama won a noble peace prize, because, i guess, he is lactating hope (according to Lewis Black). CNN had an interesting take on it in an article. at least in the press confrence after the announcement he was humble about the award.

on the same day Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize is the same day that we BOMB THE MOON! Take that dumb rock. seriously, NASA bombed the moon...what the F? noble peace prize, bomb moon...interesting.

wondering why we bombed the moon? click here

or watch this video!

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