Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Professional Athletes: Heroic or Meniacle

If you are a sports fan of any sort you have to be wondering a bit about what is going on in the heads of athletes today.

Wheter its baseball's steroid issue, basketball's thug image, hockey's irrelivance, or NFL players gone wild;something, anything, has to briung these peoples egos back down to earth.

Be sure of this, though, it won't be owners.they have too much to lose in their investments on these egomaniacs.

We reward people on there athletic ability and turn a blind eye to antics off the respective arena.

It is refreashing to see NFL commisioner Roger Goodell set a standard for player conduct;however, more needs to be done. Baseball shouldn't be slapping players, such as alex rodriguez, on the wrist for cheating and lying about it. Such icons shouls face the same scrutinys any other person faces; or maybe even more considering these people make millions of dollars.

Athletes who purger themselves to congress (Roger clemens), are arrested more frequently than any gangbanger (Adam Jones, Chris Henry, and Brandon Marshall) should kicked on there collective behinds out the back door.

Tolernce is waining on profesional athletes in these tough economic times. Maybe its time to get tougher and look past their talents. They are not heros. They just get paid to play a game.


Blogger Carlos Moreno said...

I'm having a tough time swallowing Kurt Warner's $23 million deal. He seems to be an upright guy and a reasonable football player. But I wish they would have kept the deal in his contract to help Anquan Boldin stay in Arizona. What a great gesture and team building exercise that would have been.

They've lost so much already in the way of coaches and a couple of players. I don't think they can replicate the magic of this past season.

9:20 AM  
Blogger mike h. said...

I could have told you that would have happened. They were 9-7 in the regular season.

3:19 PM  

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