Wednesday, February 11, 2009


it has nearly been two years since i have last posted to my blog. part of the problem was the fact that i could not figure out how to recover my password after google took over the site. so, after a while i just gave up on the blog. finally, though, after coming back into contact with carlos moreno (my old mass communications professor from AWC) i decided that i would try and get this thing running again.

well, as it is...i dont know many people on this site. when i first stared using this site i had more freinds that followed what i blogges, but now i have to start a new group. anybody know anyone looking to have their minds blown away? well, im not that good, yet...but one day il shall have a massive blog following.


Blogger Carlos Moreno said...

I'm proud to have an influence, good or bad on your life's endeavors. Rock on young man.

9:17 AM  

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