Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Narrative writing at its best...i hope

You walk into the room and look around. While looking around, you feel the air conditioner kick on and you notice the smell of fresh dry erase markers.

You take a seat next to your buddy who managed to make it there before the throngs of people that were there when you walked in. looking around you notice the many different races that share this space with you. Such a thing would bring a smile to the faces of those who fought for equal rights.

Sitting in your chair wondering what to expect; while the room echoes with chatter from the other nervous participants, anxiousness looms throughout the room for no one knows what is going to happen in the next couple of minutes.

Suddenly on ominous figure walks in the room and barks out orders.

“Be quite!” exclaimed the ominous figure.

This figure walks in front of the room, pacing back and forth in what seems to be a nervous fervor.

The group that wasn’t sure of what to expect sit tentatively soaking in the vast amount of information being heaved at them mercilessly with no end in sight.

The group scratches with there writing utensils vigorously in a valiant attempt to keep up with the dictator at the front of the class.

However, a few in the group felt the pressure to be far too much and have either fallen asleep or are string through the front wall of the room with a blank stare that rivals that of the dead. A few other rebellious souls dare to try and trump the dictator at the front of the room by attempting to grab away the focus of the group from the fierce leader, but, alas, they fail at their attempt and are cast out of the group and the room for their acts of treason.

As this ruthless dictator starts to wind down his ranting and raving he gives everyone in the room a specific task that must be done by the next time he comes to visit.

You then get up out of your seat and say your good byes to your friends and walk out of the room that held you through the last 75 minutes of learning and frantic note taking. Upon walking out of the room a sense of hopelessness washes over you as you realize that this was just the tip of the iceberg. For you have three more classes today.


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It sounds good, just really confusing to read.


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