Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Battle Inside

With President Bush's new plan for Iraq calling for upwards of 20,000 more troops going to Iraq; I started wondering how the solders feel about it and whether they believe it to be worth it.

I, myself, will never experience what is going on in Iraq from the soldier’s perspective because I will never be a part of the military. They can throw me in jail for all i care.

But what about the soldiers who volunteer there lives on a daily basis? What is in it for them??? What benefits do they get?

Well, if you stay in the military long enough they do get monthly payments for retirement, and they get health coverage.

Does that sound like nearly enough compensation for the mental damage that is done and in most cases irreversible? I don’t think so.

Maybe the war in Iraq is justified, that isn’t what I am worried about. What I am worried about is the amount of soldiers who are living on the streets without any help or anyone there to get them going in the right direction.

The government needs to stand up and take the initiative and give our soldiers more for there services and honor them like the hero’s they really are.


Blogger Carlos Moreno said...

Yeah, the government does a lousy job of taking care of our veterans, i.e. the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital.

The military used to be a great gig if you really had no desire to fight. A lot of National Guard members had that plan all figured out. You could figure on working hard for a few years; getting in shape; maybe learn career skills and stow some cash away for a future education.

You gambled that you might never have to see action.

But that cozy little concept has all been washed out.

I have a friend who is a Marine recruiter. He absolutely hates his job. No one wants to join. You can't even get people to talk to you if you're a recruiter. You might as well be a door-to-door turd salesman.

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