Friday, March 06, 2009

Valley Metro Lightrail

So, college students must be rejoicing about the opening of the lightrail. Now they can get where they need to in a timely manner at a resonable price, free! The lightrail is fast, effective and just nice in general; however, this student isn't exactly rejoicing.

I currently have 2 classes downtown at the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism which means I'm riding the lightrail at least twice a week.let me tell you something, it isn't such a great tool for students.

While the lightrail is fast and cost effective, it is NOT reliable at all. The trains almost never run on time, drivers change routes from time to time, causing riders to switch trains, and are accident prone. I have beared witness to 2 accidents and one rider having a seizure. Whike It is unfortunate for someone to have a medical issue on one of these trains, if I'm late for a test I'm screwed.

Another negative apect would have to be the shady people who populate the lightrail at night. Trust me, some of these people would have no problem stealing your wallet. Plus, I have ever smealt worse BO ever in my life.

So, when considering wheter or not to drive or ride the lightrail, just remeber there is positves and negatives to your decision.


Blogger About Us said...

It is PUBLIC transit. You take the good with the bad. But yeah, it seems that public transit of all sorts enhances BO of passengers: enclosed spaces, heightened stress and the general makeup of the clientele all contribute. Yum.

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