Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Get No Respect...None!

Have you ever heard of the Sundance movie festival? Most people have. It is a place where movie makers take their movies to show to the masses without worry of censorship.

Now have you ever heard of the Slamdance videogame festival? The concept is the same as the Sundance movie festival, but it showcases video games instead of movies.

Recently a video game, "Columbine Massacre RPG" was withdrawn from the festival against the creators will. The festival’s officials say they pulled the game to avoid being sued.

How lame is that?

Keep in mind this festival is ran by the same people that run the Sundance festival where censorship is not a problem. But when a video game comes along that might be considered offensive to some it gets yanked.

What is even more confusing is the fact that the festival invited the creator of the game to the festival in the first place, and then they removed the game from the festival when he became a finalist for best game.

So what does that say about the perception of video games in the United States?

It falsely stereotypes video games as a child’s plaything, when in all actuality; the average age of people that play video games is 33, far older than any child still in high school.

The fact that a movie gets special privileges that video games does not get makes no sense to me.

The video game industry makes more money than the movie industry does. The future is bright for video games with more advertising being put in games everyday. So, why the backlash with this game?

Maybe it’s the easy availability to young kids, or maybe it’s the idea of glorifying what was a tragic event. Who knows?

what I do know, though, is that video games keeps getting hosed for being violent and suggestive when movies slide by with little recourse.

Face it people, video games will never go away and the more you fight it the more it will become something you don’t like.


Blogger Caitie said...

I see your point, but then again, Im sure that if there was a video about Columbine, it would have been pulled. As for waiting until the game was a finalist, maybe it was thought that it wouldnt get that far, but when it did, people paniced. Screwed up I know, but its people for ya. Also maybe because it was way too soon after the actualy event (8 years...but still...humans for ya) that people were a little uneasy about it. Still messed up that they invited the creator and then pulled him out, but I can see why they did it.

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