Friday, January 12, 2007

The Future Is A Flighty Mistress

With the start of a new year comes the hope that the year will be better than the last.

however naive this may seem, it gives us all hope to continue on with our everyday life.

well, the new semester starts in a few days, and i must say that i am very excited to get going with this semester. i should learn alot about my future in the next four months, but i am cautious because i know that nothing is for sure in the future.

it is hard to balance life correctly, for you need to live for the day, but also work towards the future. this creates a struggle nearly everyday.

welcome to 2007, may it be fair to you.


Blogger Carlos Moreno said...

More words of wisdom from the voice of experience:

I wouldn't bank your entire future on the next four months.

College is a funny place. So many of us went into college knowing exactly what we wanted to do.

But for some of us it took some trial and error and error some more before we found a niche.

Me. I experimented with computer science, marine biology and English before I finally landed on journalism. There may have been a few more fleeting majors in there such as fine art and graphic art, but I think those only entered the thought process after enjoying some chemically charged mood enchancers one evening.

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