Monday, September 25, 2006

What a Spectacular Spectacle of Debauchery!!!

This last weekend is offically the first sign of the appocalypse. if there ever was a generation clash at the movie theatres it was this weekend. Jackass Number Two finally hit theatres this weekend and was the top grossing film in america taking in 28.1 million dollars accourding the washington post. As expected, the reviews of the movie were not to promising to movie lovers. "“Number Two” feels rushed and slapped together, made by a group that knows all too well now how to sell a joke to their target demographic." (Brian Orndorf) But with a movie like this a cult following is to be expected. i just happen to be a member of that cult.

The second movie was exponentially better than the first one. In this movie there was more of a human element. The gang of hooligans seemed to be more human than in the first movie, giving the veiwer more of an oppurtunity to connect with the people on the screen and feel the pain they felt.

It can be said that parents are probably picketing theatres across america not wanting their kids exposed to these acts of stupidity, but it will be to no avail. They are probably just in there concern, for the movie is really not meant for kids, but this movie is far more entertaining than the first and will draw throngs of teenangers."Any who wonder how this group of modern-day pied pipers can top their previous success need not worry. From start to finish Number Two keeps viewers entertained. The only time I stopped laughing is when I almost threw up." (Adam Lamar)

Some people will think that things might have gone to far. There were at least two incidents in which a member of the cast could have been killed. When asked if he was worried about dying when doing a stunt johnny knoxville relplied, "Who wants to see a half-arsed stunt man? can't think that way if you're doing what we do[.]"

People can say what they want about the movie, but there will always be a market for these kinds of stunts in America. Everyone is looking to see who can push the boundries the farthest, and the boys of Jackass have perfected it.


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