Tuesday, August 29, 2006

For Oil or Respect?

This is a blog that i wrote on March 27, 2006. It's not to be misunderstood as me being unpatriotic, but i have the ability to voice my opinion about the way that this war is being conducted. Do not take this as a shot at our country, instead take it as a shot at the people within the country who do not question what is going on in Iraq.

Am i the only one that doesnt really understand why we are in Iraq and about to enter Iran? Everyday that this war inches along, it becomes more obvious to me that there is some other reason, other than the whole war on terror, that we are fighting this very expensive, pointless war.

As far as i am concerned, there are more problems that need to be resolved in the states that could use the preciosu funding that the war has been reciving. Everyday that we have troops across seas fighting this war, it is costing the country approxemitly 1 billion dollars. That money could be used in helping fix our economy and helping educate people in this country. The United States is turning into and ignorent, overweight hipocrit of a country.

With that said, im disgusted how blindly people follow our ignorent leader into the abyss. Its a shame that the most powerful country in the world has no respect around the world. What do you think of our great country now?


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