Monday, February 01, 2010


Is their any worse day then Monday? Seriously. I want to know.

So, from what I can tell, it is a rather slow news day. That being the case, I am prepared to regale you with the story of my weekend.

My step-dad came into town for a Military show. We went to dinner 2 nights. I took him to the San-Tan Brewery. If you have never been, and like beer, this a place to try. It is in Chandler, Ariz.

But to the point. I enjoy when my step-dad comes to visit. It is always nice to see family. Especially family that doesn't try and judge you. Sometimes its harder for me to handle my mothers trips up to the Valley to see me. She has a harder time letting me live my life, but that, I guess, is part of being a parent.

But, back to Friday. My brother procured me a PS3 for my birthday/Christmas present. I LOVE THIS MACHINE. Add the Vizio LED TV that I bought to compliment it and I'm one happy tech nerd.

Sunday marked the first weekend that I did not watch some football in close to 6 months. It is a sad realization for me. I absolutely love the football season. I love it so much that I feel kind of lost the first month or so the season ends. Luckily, this off-season, I have the NFL network to get me buy till the Draft.

There it is. My weekend, kinda.

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