Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Bowl Preview

So, let us start this by saying congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts for making it to the super bowl.

Now, lets get to business.

I think that the NFL must be happy with the way that the playoffs ended up shaking out. For the first time since 1993, both one seeds have made it to the super bowl to duke it out for the Lombardi trophy.

Another first is also a stepping-stone for the New Orleans Saints. This would be the first time in their 4 decade long existence that they have actually made it to the Super Bowl. One cant help but feel a little happy for the Saints because of that hurricane that almost turned New Orleans into a 3rd world nation.

ESPN blogger Pat Yasinskas did a good job of covering the Saints victory for ESPN. The Super owl means just a little more to the people of New Orleans this year. The Saints were dubbed a team of destiny this year and they have a chance of actually living up to that, unlike the Patriots in 2007.

On the other side you have Peyton Manning and the Colts building there franchises case for team of the decade. Not to mention, Peyton manning building a case as the best quarterback of all time.

ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky points out in a blog how Manning can be so overwhelming to a defense that it can break their spirit.

This Super Bowl has potential to be one of the best in a decade that has had some good Super Bowls. I can only hope that the game lives up to my standards.

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