Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back Again...

It has been some time since I actually posted on here. I had decided that I wanted to narrow the scope of my blog and possibly start a new one and that this would happen when the new semester started. Well, today is the day. There will be some real changes to my blog(s). I am going to maintain a sports blog, a news blog and a personal blog. I feel that this one will be either my news blog or my personal blog. I like the URL a lot and I would find it hard to give up. This post will be a random grouping of things that have been on my brain since my last post.

But enough jibber jabber, on to the meat of this blog.

My life has changed dramatically since my last post. i am no longer weighed down by obligations that are not my own anymore. It is nice to be able to focus on my needs solely, as self-centered as that sounds. But, I have developed a habit of putting my needs aside to help those that WHERE in my life. It nearly cost me a semester at school and my sanity.

Relationships are not easy. i don't know that anyone who has been in a real one thinks that. However, there is a few interesting viewpoints out in the inter-webs. This blog/website is an interesting viewpoint from the male perspective. Basically, it outlines how not to suck at relationships. It is a vague idea, but is not intended to cover the whole spectrum of relationships. That would take way too much time and why would I care to read all that; coincidentally, I already own a relationship book. Ironically, o bought the book while one of my relationships was going up in flames.

In sports, the NFL playoffs have been a bust in my opinion. My team, Da Cowboys, got beat down by the ageless wonder Brett Favre. I must have upset the football gods with my incessant trash talking involving the old man. I am hoping that the playoffs pick up here in the next weekend, or i may have to find a new sport to worship...not really.

What has been lost in the sports world through all the media coverage was the loss of another professional athlete at a very young age. Gaines Adams was a player for the Chicago Bears, who by many accounts had been a bust in the NFL. I think that the public perception of athletes that are struggling in their sport and then dies is that they were somehow responsible for their own death (i.e. drug use, stupidity, et al). It has been proven otherwise, but it troubles me that our society would just jump to conclusions...but then again, we are a society driven by impulse and desire. We can’t really help ourselves I guess.

ESPN ran a great article about the man that Gaines Adams was. Read it here at this link.

Expect to hear from me on this blog close to daily again. I am slowly going to be transitioning this one. I will post links to my new blogs.

Till next time.


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